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stamped concrete
stamped concrete

Beautiful Stamped Concrete for Northern Virginia

Stamped concrete is used in building and landscaping in Northern Virginia. The ease of concrete installation and the durability of poured cement is appealing to homeowners, but cement is not always the best-looking landscaping material. Stamped concrete on a walkway or patio can liven up your whole yard. 


A resurfaced concrete driveway can give your entire home a new look. Concrete does not have to be boring, and we are the local professionals in decorative concrete. We work hard to cover everything from your backyard to your front porch in quality stamped concrete, and we specialize in concrete resurfacing and maintenance to keep that quality look forever. Give NOVA Concreters a call today! 


Concrete resurfacing is much more cost-effective than ripping out a basement floor and installing new concrete. When concrete is structurally sound but has a few blemishes, we can save it! We clean and prepare for a new surface. 


We apply a new concrete coating on to the top of the old cement surface, leaving a brighter, cleaner look. This method is a cheap option, even though many believe covering a large area like a patio cost more. For the simple solution, call NOVA Concreters today.

We're Stamped Concrete Experts

How do you know if stamped concrete is a good idea? At NOVA Concreters, our contractors work to provide you with options. Compare concrete step designs and cost with one of our team members or by checking out our website. You need the right team of contractors to walk you through stamped concrete options. 


Texture can vary, there are many different overlay options, and understanding just how much is available when it comes to stamped concrete can help you decide what you want for your home. Consider cement pavers and appealing brick patterns, stamped driveways, and walkways– with so many choices, we are confident we are the right company for you! 


Many NOVA homeowners take this cement route on their patios and pool deck. Stamped Concrete is used on walkways to provide access to outside of beautiful homes and surrounding walls. No matter what you need and where you need it, NOVA Concreters provides the best concrete step construction service around. 

Our stress Free Estimate Process

NOVA Concreters honors every estimate that we publish. Why is this so important? We know that you want to have a comprehensive estimate from the beginning, this is why it is so important that we perform our due diligence and know your project inside and out before delivering an estimate. 


An estimate you can depend on!


With NOVA Concreters, our customers know they can depend on their estimate.

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